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5MP 9 Channels NVR board

  • Description
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  • The main function

    ● Through the cloud service, it is easy to realize various network penetrations, and remote monitoring can be realized in one step, thus abandoning various complicated network settings, which is simple and convenient.
    ● Standard ONVIF protocol, may support ONVIF protocol distal IPC connection
    ● Support common mobile phone monitoring ( iPhone, Android )
    ● Support IE browser access
    ● Support 2 Ge USB 2.0 interface to achieve stable USB mouse, upgrades and other operations
    ● Support VGA and HDMI simultaneous output and support VGA , HDMI full HD 1080P display output
    ● Perfect protection circuit, unique watchdog function
    ● New operating interface for a new experience

    Feature of product

    ● Support H265 encoding format, and is perfectly compatible with H264 encoding format, which is more convenient and flexible to use.
    ● Rich spare reserved interface, which is convenient for customers to develop various differentiated products.
    ● The main control uses MSTAR's new-generation industrial-grade microprocessor controller, adopting multi-core technology, the main frequency is 1.2G.
    ● The latest industrial-grade embedded microcontroller ( MSR630Q ) , with stronger processing capability, higher integration and more cost-effective.
    ● Support 9 channels of 5M video access, 4 channels of 1080P synchronous playback


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